Sunday, 15 April 2012

How to be Cher Horowitz.

When I was much younger than I am now, I used to pretend to be Cher Horowitz from the nineties gem that is Clueless! With her computerized wardrobe, plaid skirts and backpacks, Cher was without a doubt the best dressed student at Bronson Alcott. She was the ultimate valley girl, surrounded by girlfriends and madly in love with, (but unaware of said love), with her ex-step-brother. Here are a few tips on how to emulate the Queen of the 90's teen movie, Miss Cher Horowitz.

Purchase a plaid skirt suit.

Swag yourself a 90's Motorola flip.

Bug out on gay guys and fall off the bed whilst trying to be sexually alluring.

Get a rich father and access to his credit card non-stop.

Wear knee high socks in all weather conditions.

Don't smoke pot, unless it's a special occasion y'know?

Have a teenage angst breakdown when you realize how superficial you've become.

Have the most beautiful hair in the world.

Cry yourself to sleep tonight because you realize you'll never be Cher Horowitz, that this isn't the 90's and that you're life is nowhere near as interesting as hers.

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P said...

I wanted to be Cher too!